Upside Down

Category: Science-Fiction

A unique adventure in an inverted world!

It’s been three years since the Flip — the day when Earth’s gravity turned upside down. The ceiling is now the floor, people can’t step outside for fear of falling into the sky, and everyone is left obsessing over the same questions: How did this happen? Why is it only affecting humans? And is there any way we can go back?

When Alex Parker and his mentor, both world-famous rock climbers, are hired for a routine escort job, they stumble upon a secret that threatens to pitch a traumatized world into even greater turmoil.

“Upside Down” is a black and white indie comic book series that tells an action/adventure story set in a unique science fiction world. It’s Mission: Impossible meets The Walking Dead! It’s Mad Max meets Y: The Last Man — a high-stakes, globe-trotting adventure across a world that is forever changed. This post-apocalyptic vision attempts to grapple with, reflect, and ultimately offer hope in our post-pandemic world.

We want to tell a story about human resilience in the face of world-altering events, about the struggles involved in doing one’s best in a difficult situation, and how true heroism is found not in physical ability or technical prowess, but in learning to change one’s mind.

The first 28-page issue acts as an origin story — introducing our characters and setting the rules of our world – while also serving up a self-contained narrative with a beginning, middle, and end. Of course, we hope readers find our world engaging enough to continue exploring it with us, but if this first issue is the only story we get to tell in this world we wanted to ensure we put forth something complete and fully-realized. We have something to say and it’s important to us to be able to say it within these 28 pages.

We want to find beauty amidst chaos, to tell a story that reflects the challenges of our time, and to put forth the idea that even when your world is turned upside down, you may yet have more to be grateful for than you ever realized.

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Published: November 18, 2022
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