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What does a creator gain by listing on Indie Comics Zone?

Two things: First - free publicity. We’ll retweet and share your posts promoting your work. Second - SEO (search engine optimization) purposes. The more meaningful links from sites you can get pointing back to your site, the better. Meaning, if you have a site for your book, and I link to you from my site, then your comic book may appear in search results. Throwing a bunch of links on unrelated websites does not work… the search companies know that is scammy. But for indie comic creators who are promoting their work on legitimate art and comic sites, that is different. Indie Comics Zone is meant to be a spot to boost others... both on social and for SEO/search purposes.

Are you going to steal our art?

How will you use the art once it is loaded onto the site?

How can we help make this work better?

How much does all of this cost?

When can I be featured on the site?

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