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Promote your Indie Comics project with our site!

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Promote your Indie Comics project with our site!

We created Indie Comics Zone as a spot to help get the word out about the publication which you’ve spent so much time working on. Create a FREE listing on Indie Comics Zone and check out the listings of your fellow creators!

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Create your account on the site and build out your profile. Add as much information and imagery as you like!
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Post links to your Kickstarter, social media accounts, comic website and more! We want to boost your reach.
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When you have new news, let us know, so we can share your progress. Update your profile with the latest.

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Your comic book or series is a passion project. Our goal is to help broaden the reach of your book — let more people know about your hard work. Indie Comics are meant to be read and shared. Let us help you make that happen!
What are Indie Comics?

What are Indie Comics?

If you’ve found this site, and you’re not sure what an ‘Indie Comic Book’ is, don’t fret. Indie Comics are independent comics created by folks outside of the Big Two — Marvel and DC.

But, for the most part, Indie Comics are funded by creators, and are used to tell a story or begin a career. Welcome to a site, dedicated to working for these hard working creative minds.

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