Zodiac – Volume 1

Category: Fantasy



Zodiac is a magical girls meets Greek Mythology fantasy Adventure! When the sun mysteriously doesn’t rise one morning, three girls discover a magic book in their school library. There they are transported to the world of Gods and Goddesses where they learn the stars have been stolen and hidden by Eris, the Goddess of Mischief. They are then tasked with helping Selene the Moon Goddess, Heliades the daughter of Helios the Sun God, and Asteria the young Star Goddess in training to recover them and restore balance to both of their worlds.

Zodiac is 168 comic pages with five full color illustrations and is currently live on kickstarter. Those who love manga, fantasy comics and the shojo magical girl genre will love this story of young star chasers! Zodiac is an ongoing series and volume 1 is just the beginning! There is more magic to share, characters to meet and stars to save as work continues on!

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Published: April 11, 2024
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