Wicked Demons and The Warriors

Category: Superhero

Korban: a Devil-praising, God-hating demon witch thought he loved his life, living under the Devil’s sinful way, but his heart changes after he meets the love of his life Caleb, a God-loving Catholic who gets this sinner on a journey toward redemption.


If you want to follow a raunchy demon learn how to be good (eventually), tube in. And you’ll also get to see our demon fall in love… with a human. 


Will you fall victim to the Hell-born witches, or are you Heaven-bound? Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with Holy Creations’ first release: Wicked Demons and The Warriors, an action-paked series about the war between good and evil.


Set for release 9/1/2023!

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Published: June 7, 2023
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