Way of the Kitchen King

Category: Action

Enter into a flavour-filled world of battle-based competition cooking!

Bash Cola, the undefeated Kitchen King, lost everything except his title when his wife passed away. Can a young, upcoming competitor inspire his passion and tingle his tastebuds for culinary once again? What will come of this year’s Kitchen King Tournament when a ‘villain’ of Bash’s own accidental making rears up to spoil the competition?

It’s action, humour and romance, and a battle for supremacy in the kitchen on the world stage!

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Available on:
GlobalComix: Way of the Kitchen King | English | GlobalComix
Webtoon: Way of the Kitchen King | WEBTOON (webtoons.com)
Tapas: Read Way of the Kitchen King | Tapas Web Comics

ID: 12328
Published: May 25, 2023
Views: 164
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