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After a rough childhood, raised by neglectful cat hoarders, Amy Sturgess yearns for a conventional life: success in her career and some friends for a change. But she’s hampered by anxiety, low self-esteem … and the fact that she’s secretly a superhero.

The demands of her career as crime-fighting Starling make the challenges of her everyday life as a junior marketing executive all the more difficult: she’s constantly having to ditch important meetings to deal with superhero emergencies (she’s taken to feigning a bad case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome to explain her abrupt disappearances). Meanwhile the pressures of her regular life are mounting: a workplace nemesis is stealing her accounts, her younger brother is in serious trouble, and she’s become inappropriately obsessed with her almost-boyfriend from college, who’s happily dating someone else.

Described as Jane Austen-esque by Library Journal and “hilarious and uplifting” by Shelf AwarenessStarling is, in the words of UK Comics Review, “A winning story about overcoming adversity, finding oneself and even having a shot at achieving true love, all lovingly ladled out in a savvy, self-deprecating, droll, artfully humorous manner.”

ID: 12955
Published: September 17, 2023
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