Sokyo X

Category: Action

A Mangaesque Sci-Fi Action FPS Epic!

Senshiro, power suit equipped, is on a high risk extract mission – an easy task for an ace pilot like him (as Mobile Commander Risso puts it). The motivations for the mission may be questionable, but Senshiro, and his partner Tori, shouldn’t be arguing about their orders…

Inspired by sci-fi FPS games and action manga, like Appleseed and Biomega, Cory Tran‘s first chapter (of six) is finely constructed to deliver a page turning rush.

The comic, 45 pages, is completely readable online. Visit the Sokyo X site and start reading!

Also available are print editions, at the Planet Land Comic Shop, for those who want a little more, and enjoy the touch of paper and upping their small press comics level.

ID: 12349
Published: June 7, 2023
Views: 169
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