Silver Sun

Category: Superhero

Legend has it that when the country needs it most, a “Silver Soldier” appears to save it. Silver Sun (Sol de Plata in spanish) is the silver soldier of our times, who a year ago saved us from a new coup d’etat by General Rodriguez. Now, turned into a public servant, “Silver Sun” lacks social life to be an icon of democracy and fully serve the Argentine people. But a vacuum torments him and that is that he does not remember his past. Nobody knows him and nobody has, only one idea resonates in his head: serve and protect.

Creative teams:

Editors: Jonh Curcio & Luigiman.
Writters: Eve Von B, Leo Figueroa & Jonh Curcio.
Art & inks: Juan Pablo Massa, Marco Baldi, Rodrigo Catraca, Alex Reyes, Dario Brabo, Andres Peralta and Guillermo Fajardo.
Color: Max Cereijido, Gabriel Roldan, Luciano Bradley.
Covers: Max Cereijido, Viktor Godoy, Facundo Moyano, Mariano De Venezia, Nahuel Lopez.

Series: 6/6

Language: Spanish/English
Physical Size: 17x26cm/17x24cm
Digital Size: 17x26cm
28 pages


ID: 14468
Published: June 8, 2024
Views: 152
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