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Welcome to the beginning of the GIANT MONSTER comic book EXTRAVAGANZA SECTOR-7!

On the historic day of the moon landing in 1969, the Cold War went HOT, leaving the entire northern hemisphere a NUCLEAR WASTELAND! Forced to unite, using previously hidden and classified technologies, humanity created a UTOPIA beneath the nuclear demarcation line nicknamed “The Veil.” But can this utopia LAST? With half the world’s resources destroyed, some wonder how long humanity can hold out before the next war for resources BEGINS!

This book will be like NOTHING YOU’VE SEEN BEFORE! Co-created by Mathew Boyce and Myself, Ron Moscicki Jr. (Romo Custom Art on Facebook), this book is perhaps one of the VERY FEW giant monster (Kaiju) books that focuses on the HUMAN ELEMENT. The deep character arcs created by Matt and I, plus the lush, unique would designs, created by myself will give THIS BOOK a feel like no other on the market today!
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Published: April 10, 2023
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