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She can jump as high as an airplane, is fast enough to land on one mid-flight, with all the rage and strength to send it crashing down.

Rosana’s adventure begins when her island receives a visit from a mysterious government pilot, the first outsider in decades, after Indonesia’s Island Solitude Program mandated all small islands in the archipelago to close their borders until their ecosystems replenished. As a mandate, it came in conjunction with The Great Departure, Earth’s largest flight of space colonists, which took off with over a quarter of the world’s population.

As her home falls under threat, Rosana must leave everything behind to travel across Indonesia’s islands to search for answers and stop the nefarious organisation behind this. Along the way, she will witness the consequences of the Island Solitude Program, meet other communities left behind, fight strange villains, and discover the secrets of her origins.

ROSANA! was created by writer and comic book enthusiast, Jessica J. Ginting, and a collective of 10+ other Indonesian artists and writers. Jessica created ROSANA! with the aim of building a shared mythos among Indonesian creatives that spoke to current societal and environmental issues, through an action-packed, sci-fi inspired, superhero comic.

ROSANA! The Origin Story Anthology, will be launching on Kickstarter in July 2024, collecting Issues 1 – 4 (and a bonus preview of Issue 5), created over the past 5 years. Sign up to our mailing list on our website, or on Kickstarter, for updates.


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Artists: Bajingoo, CurlyTsunamiArt, Shaccharin, AnomalyBroccoli, Nugragente, Fruschia, Lunightic, Lala Narita

Writers: Dena Igusti, Jessica J. Ginting

ID: 14583
Published: July 6, 2024
Views: 65
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