RAW: Disco Inferno

Category: Horror

Walter has been down on his luck for a long time. Once a semi-famous entertainer known as the Duke of Disco in the ‘city colossal’ of Southwind, a tragic series of events caused by his own ego and selfishness led to him being ostracized by his friends, family and society at large.

Years of prison time and living as a street vagrant has made him a shell of the charismatic disco-dude he used to be. He begins to wonder if he’ll ever be able to truly redeem himself for his crimes, and even unsuccessfully makes attempts to end it all, only seeming to survive by random luck.

It’s only after he happens to see a human trafficking deal in the park one night that he decides to try to change his fate. He’s got a death wish already, he may as well do his best to help somebody before he gets gunned down, right?

He somehow, even in this bumbling, slovenly state, saves those involved in the deal. He’s shaking when it happens, a smile crossing his face while the bullets smash into his skull. He had no doubt these mobsters, these Bullheads, would dispose of his body in some colorful fashion and laugh him off as just some nobody. But goddamn it, for that last minute of life he was actually a somebody! A hero! Even if he was just some loon from yesteryear with a broken bottle!

The light slips from his eyes, and Walter dies. Or, at least, in a manner of speaking. He sees his inner demons in his head in some strange mental limbo. They’re half-formed and wailing, a cacophony of noise, lights and sound…

Then Walter wakes up at the bottom of a lake in Southwind’s New Central Park. It’s dark, cold, and the eyes of the fish seem to peer into his soul. He can’t tell whether he’s in a dream, maybe a hallucination, but the fear, the agony of drowning, that’s painfully real. He dies again.

The demons, the voices in the dark corners of his mind, they’re back. They’re telling him of all the things in his life he should have done better, all his sins, how his actions have hurt other people. Then Walter wakes up at the bottom of the lake in the park.

This cycle repeats, and repeats.

One night, after what feels like an eternity of torment to Walter, he washes up as a bloated half-corpse on the grass. He may be changed by all that’s happened, but against all odds he is now free to live his life again.

The events that follow start a domino effect that goes much further than anyone ever thought possible. This is, ultimately, the story of the city of Southwind and the people within it. This is RAW.

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Published: November 23, 2022
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