Introducing Batboy!

Category: Humor

Say hello to my little friend… Batboy.

He’s my anxious alter-ego. A nervous, stressed-out nocturnal creature, unfit for the modern world, his day job, and public displays of sweat pants. He deals with everyday issues like motivation, self-improvement, anxiety and monsters, with humor and wit. Think the Addams Family meets Calvin & Hobbes meets Tim Burton and Edward Gorey waiting on line at the DMV.

Batboy is an indie comic which I release weekly into the void of the internet and social media. There are two collections of comics currently available: Batboy and the Art of Self-Sabotage, as well as Getting Nowhere Fast: Another Batboy Comic Collection. You can find them through my website and Amazon.

Also out now is Issue Number One of Downhill From Here: A low Budget Batboy Adventure, a zine featuring Batboy and his squirrel friend Merle available only through my website.


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Published: December 14, 2022
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