In the Fallout

Category: Science-Fiction

One day the world ended

And yet we’re still here

In a single moment I lost everything

But we still have each other

It’s all over

It doesn’t have to be

A young woman tries to rebuild her life after the apocalypse in this slim volume of glowing images featuring monsters both real and imagined. In the Fallout is a story of survival and strength told in a series of episodic moments that all lead to an unexpected reveal.

Believing she’s the last person left on earth, the unnamed protagonist tries to navigate life in the desert. And while it may become apparent that she is not as alone as she may think, the events leading up to the tragedy that left her stranded are something she will have no choice but to face.

A little volume with a big message, In the Fallout is a tale of loss and grief – and the hope that exists among the missing pieces.

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Published: February 10, 2024
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