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The Fifth Earth is located far away in the Milky Way. It has been colonised and inhabited by humans. Fifty years later, when the Fifth Earth is destroyed by human actions, a ship of the Dykuma race appears. Their goal was to get some resources from the planet so that they could fly on and continue their mysterious mission. Unfortunately, the human race did not want to give up their goods for free and a conflict ensued. Hok  meets a human woman who is looking for her kidnaped child. He decides to help her and figure it out what happen that the Human-Dykuma pact was broken.



Hok meets a human woman who was brought by his friend. He does not understand what the woman is saying to him and why she is at their base. Captives cannot be brought to the base. Hok decided to find out why his friend brought her to the base.


Hok and the mysterious woman talk about what happened. We learn about the captured woman’s past.  After analysing the information, the hero decides to free the woman and give her temporary shelter until he finds her daughter. An addition to the comic is learning the Dykumian language.


Hok learns what a bad person his friend is and decides to find out if the Colonel knows anything about Waram’s mysterious aborted mission. It turns out the case is thicker than that. Fascinated by seeing a living person up close, he tries to befriend the woman. Comic book supplement, first character sketches and description of an alternative universe.


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Published: May 17, 2023
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