Halloween Team

Category: Horror

Years ago, five misfit kids banded together to form Halloween Team — a group dedicated to solving mysteries and hunting monsters in the small town of Greenwood, MA. Now, twenty years later, the kids are grown and lead separate lives — until a new mystery brings them together for one more adventure.

In the can’t-miss first issue of HALLOWEEN TEAM, Tommy Taylor — once the founder of a group of misfit kids who fought all manner of supernatural threats — is now in his thirties and still living in his hometown of Greenwood, MA. Tommy would gladly trade his office-drone job for his old life of excitement and danger — but he’d better be careful what he wishes for! Because when a mysterious online date leaves Tommy searching for answers, he may need the help of his old Halloween Team teammates to solve one final mystery.

ID: 8375
Published: August 24, 2022
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