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At Dollars & Donuts Productions, we’ve been creating cinematic mayhem for 20 years, making film after film featuring outrageous characters, insane scenarios, and exceedingly violent bloody carnage. Comic books have always been a major inspiration to our movies, and we frequently follow the Marvel model of crossing over our various short films.

You can dive down the Dollars & Donuts rabbit hole here:

Dollars & Donuts Showcase is our chance to bring characters from our cinematic universe to the comic book realm, featuring adaptations, origin stories, sequels, and spin-offs.

In 2017 we created the first issue of Dollars & Donuts Showcase as a promotional item for that year’s premiere. This new comic will kick off with Volume Two, Issue One: our first full-length anthology comic.

We have plans for four issues of various stories, and we need your help to make them a reality. Your contribution will help fund the incredible artists we have hired and the books’ printing costs.


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Published: March 17, 2023
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