Chronology Xero

Category: Superhero

Alejandro is a teenager who studies at the university, something superb and conceited, but with a good heart. One day he finds a gem that gives him different powers and decides to use his powers to fight crime in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. With the help of his friend Damian, together they will learn to “carry a power with great irresponsibility”.

Creative teams:

Editors: Jonh Curcio & Luigiman.

Writters: Jonh Curcio, Leonardo Figueroa.

Art & inks: Nicolas Giacondino, Daniel Eduardo Mendoza, Mateo Maciorowski, Gustavo Jimenez.

Color: Max Cereijido, Federico Gastaminza.

Covers: Max Cereijido, Diego Yapur.

Series: 6/6

Language: Spanish/English

Physical Size: 17x26cm/17x24cm

Digital Size: 17x26cm

28 pages


ID: 14514
Published: July 7, 2024
Views: 66
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