Brian & Bobbi

Category: Superhero

A superhero story. An unlikely duo. And a story very much not about superheroes.

Perfect for YA readers, Brian & Bobbi takes all of the best components of a superhero story and connects them to an unlikely duo. Both want recognition from their families and working together is the best way to get what they want. The real fun is watching Brian and Bobbi discover that what they want isn’t exactly what they need.

Brian & Bobbi is a story for those who feel ignored on a daily basis. Brian has gone completely unnoticed all his life, despite being born with amazing superpowers. Bobbi is the illegitimate daughter of a superhero who can’t seem to convince anyone she’s just a regular kid.

By chance, the two meet and what results is a coming-of-age tale set upon a larger than life superhero backdrop. It’s a graphic novel where the super villains, the powers, and the incredible fight scenes are really just the catalyst to tell the much deeper story of two people who couldn’t be any more different — or any more alike.

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Published: February 10, 2024
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