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Welcome to the World of Impera. For centuries, war has raged between the valiant Kingdom of Hikari and the immortal, shadow-dwelling Fomorian hordes. At the heart of this conflict stands the Sakai dynasty, the royal Hikaran bloodline who have mastered the unique power of the Solar Ki. With this power, the Kingdom and its elite division of soldiers, the Sol-Strykers, serve as the first line of defense against the disenfranchised creatures of the night. Yet whispers of an ancient power stir within the Fomorian ranks, threatening to annihilate the gleaming Kingdom and reveal its transgressions from a concealed past.

Get ready to embark on an epic journey, where warriors are torn between duty to their nation and the truths they uncover about the very system they’ve sworn to uphold. As the line between enemies and allies blur, those fighting must decide what they stand for, and true heroes will emerge to save the world…

Inspired by comics, RPGs, and Anime from the 90s, Battle Chronicle Sol-Stryker is an action-packed adventure, with just a hint of nostalgia, that will take you right back to a time when Toonami was can’t-miss TV and your biggest worry was how to level up your party to beat the ultimate boss.

Get in on the ground floor with this explosive all new original saga. Written by V Ken Marion and Jason Matthews, with art by V Ken Marion, color by Andrew Dalhouse, and letters by Josh Reed, Book One contains 52 action-packed pages of story and 12 pages of behind-the-scenes bonus content!

ID: 14386
Published: May 18, 2024
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