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Join Indie Comics Zone as We Host a Panel With Four Superstars at GalaxyCon Richmond

Join Indie Comics Zone as We Host a Panel With Four Superstars at GalaxyCon Richmond

Indie Comics Zone is so excited to invite you to a premier event, happening during GalaxyCon Richmond on Saturday, March 25, starting at 9:30 p.m. in the Creator Cave (E22A-B). Our panel, titled “How to Publish Your Indie Comic Book both Online and on Paper,” will feature four indie comics superstars, who will share how they got started, and will offer advice for those who’d like to get into comics as well.

Here’s the official pitch:

Producing an Indie Comic Book title is one of the best ways to get the attention of Marvel, DC, Black Horse, and the other “majors.” Creating your own comic book prior to a few years ago was incredibly expensive. But now, it can be done for a fraction of the price, and distribution in comic book stores is also within reach. And thanks to the many digital options, creators can get their books out to a worldwide audience. Indie Comics Zone regularly interviews creators who are making their own titles and have found distribution. The guests on the panel, who are incredible creators, will share how they did it. They’ll share the steps, give advice, and take questions from the audience.

Hopefully, my fellow creator, that sounds like something that you’re interested in getting in on. And luckily, we have four incredible creators who will share their stories, and will be there to give out advice as well. They are:

Charlie McElvy

Charlie McElvy is the creator and likeness of “Spider-Squirrel,” as well as the creator and founder of the whole Xion Universe. He has created or co-created indie comics characters such as “Trash Panda,” “Tailgater,” “Milestone,” “Bluechip and the NEW Teen Force 5,” “The WatchGuard,” “Teen Force 5,” “Rook,” and a whole slew of characters appearing in and across the Xion Universe of comics. He is the publishing kingpin behind Xion Studios, working with creators such as Dean Haspiel, Vito Delsante, Ray Anthony-Height, Andy Smith, Scott Fogg, Marcus Williams and more.

He was a competitor on the TV reality sports show American Ninja Warrior (season 10). Yes, he probably knows that ninja you’re thinking about…

Charlie manages all things Xion from his home in Virginia with his wife Suzanne and their seven (yes, 7) children — one of whom finally got married and moved out. Mostly.

• TWITTER @charliemcelvy
INSTAGRAM @charlie.mcelvy
Charlie McElvy and his work

Pat Shand

Pat Shand is a writer, creator, and crowdfunding expert. He has created/co-created the comic books “Destiny NY,” “Snap Flash Hustle,” “Breathless,” “Little Girl,” “Family Pets,” “Prison Witch,” “Afterglow,” and more as well as writing extensively for established properties including Charmed, Adventure Time, Disney Villains, Casper, Zorro, Van Helsing, Mercy Sparx, and Angel.

He has worked with Scout Comics, Black Mask Studios, BOOM! Studios, IDW Publishing, Zenescope Entertainment, Dark Horse Comics, HarperCollins, Insight Editions, and more. In addition to his work as a comic book creator, he has written and produced off-off Broadway theatre and worked as a novelist on original stories for Marvel, including “Guardians of the Galaxy: Space Riot,” “Iron Man: Mutually Assured Destruction,” “Avengers: The Serpent Society, Spider-Man: Spideyography,” and “Thor: Crusade of the Forgotten.”

Using Kickstarter, he has funded 27 independently produced graphic novels and has run successful campaigns for many prominent creators and publishers. He runs the independent publisher Space Between Entertainment in New York, where he lives with his wife Amy and their army of cats.

• TWITTER @patshand
INSTAGRAM @patshand
Pat Shand and his work

Anthony Stokes

Anthony D. Stokes is a screenwriter turned comic book creator. Based in Virginia, Stokes is known for his indie comic books, ”Intrusive Thoughts,” “Decay: A Supernatural Revenge Thriller,” and many more. Called a “stupendously energetic chap” by the Comics For The Apocalypse podcast, Stokes works focus on horror, love, despair, grief, revenge, and end of the world survival.

Stokes says that while his first love is movies, creating comic books have become a real passion for him and allow for tighter control on the creative process. ”Making a comic was much easier, relatively speaking of course,” Stokes told The Comic Book Yeti in a recent interview. “I love the freedom that comes with making comics and the fact that I get final say on everything, which is a luxury I would not be afforded in film making.”

• TWITTER @StokesTheWriter
INSTAGRAM @decaycomic
Anthony Stokes and his work

Vince White

Vince White is an American Comic Book Artist, Writer, Creator and Independent Publisher. He is best known for his creator-owned work “The Legend Of WILL POWER” comic book and as one of the founders of Primal Paper Comics – A Virginia Based Comic Book Coalition of Independent Comic Book Publishers and Creators.

Vince’s technical training and background is in Computer Aided Graphic Design but he made the move to full-time comic book creator with his first independent publishing of “The Legend OF WILL POWER” in March of 2011. Since then, he has, traveled the East Coast comic book convention circuit, lectured at several community colleges, universities and public schools. His comic book, ”The Legend Of Will Power” has enjoyed an increasing fan base and has sold copies all over the world. The comic book features the story of a young high school teen named WILLIAM POWER who is lovingly called “WILL” by his friends. The story challenges the teen when his father creates a machine that changes the density of the entire universe and throws young William into a journey of self-discovery.

Vince White is based in Virginia and runs his comic book company, DARKLIGHT STUDIOS, mostly by himself. His dream is to take WILL POWER all the way to Saturday Morning Cartoons, the toy shelves, the videos game market, and ultimately the big screen!

TWITTER @WillPower4
INSTAGRAM @vinnytoons
FACEBOOK @The Legend of Will Power
Vince White and his work

So — isn’t this an incredible lineup? It absolutely is. We hope to see you on March 25 at the Greater Richmond Convention Center for GalaxyCon! Tickets are still available.

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